Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Presto Box

Well, here’s what I did with the box elder wood. I designed a new type of band saw box. I call it the Presto Box. It has two compartments, each with a lid, and normal hinge pin construction. However, I extended the top of the box beyond the hinge pin to create a, sort of, actuation lever. When you press the top ends of the box, “Presto”, the lid opens.

Construction was kind of tricky using templates and lots of careful cuts on the band saw. I made two boxes since I found it is always better to multiples of a new design to learn the most about what not to do next time.

A coat of tung oil on the finished boxes really brought out the red streaks in the box elder. Almost too vivid. It looks like my granddaughter scribbled over a maple box with a Magic Marker. The larger box is 7 1/2" x 4" x 2".

This shape is only one adaptation of the design concept. I can picture all sorts of shapes that would give the same effect. These first two boxes are really “proof of concept” prototypes. Don’t look too close, or you will see all the flaws and mistakes. The next ones will be much better now that I’ve learned a few tricks. I guess we should all learn from our mistakes and keep on trying to improve.


Anonymous said...

Dave here again - Designing new types of band saw boxes?! That is very impressive. I think the double-top or lid is a nice idea. I was thinking yesterday - did you ever think of a music box? you could probably get some sort of music box insert and then create a funky jewelry box to hide it in? How about a music box whose secret bottom drawer only opens when the lid is CLOSED - opening the box locks the drawer. I love my own idea here

Anonymous said...

new idea - lot of work though - a presto box with those click close mechanicals like they have on stereo enclosures or other cabinets - but instead of a box this has a formed handle (maybe even carved out of the same piece of wood as the box) so that a kid would carry it around with there crayons or baseball cards in it. Like a wooden carrycase...enh? enh?