Monday, May 9, 2011

Musical Wood in the Woods

You know I like clever things made out of wood. You know I like forests. You know I like music.  Well, this video obviously rates very high on my "like" list.  It's totally amazing.  Enjoy.

You can see the full width version at: 


Anonymous said...

Awesome, just awesome ! I really appreciate the physics of it (along with your love of wood thing of course) so much angle for such and such mass equala certain speed means length equals fact the actual tone of the struck xylophone wood piece is not as impressive to me as the set up. What if this was faked with a computer?!!!! oh no why did i think of that? -Dave

Glen Weimer said...

That is just way too cool. Its kind of mind boggling to think of how they worked that out and then went about constructing it. Thanks for sharing that! - Glen